Introducing Lontra Bigodegigantes

Hello there chaps! That was a close shave I can tell you!

I managed to squeak out of the door and syphon Olivia off before she got a good view of what was going on, or if she did see, she kept it under her hat, well, not hat as such, sort of official cap type affair. Part of the security uniform anyway…
There are still one or two advantages to being commander around here after all, not least of which being the marvellous anchovy soufflé that the chaps down in catering fed us while we were searching for possible apocalypses.

We did a thorough search, I can tell you, no stone was left unturned and there was not a single sighting of an apocalypse anywhere, no threatening behaviour from any large or in any way armed otters was observed at any point.

Once Olivia was quite certain that we had made sure there were no apocalyptic antics going on in the kitchens or canteens or under the sandwich plates leftover in meeting rooms, she finally excused herself to go and report to whoever else it is she reports to.

As a matter of fact that is on my list of things to find out, she is supposed to report to me! Who else is demanding reports from here is something I’d very much like to know! Probably that shady bunch who go around demanding a fellow’s presence at inadequately catered meetings.

That’s by the by for the moment, as I had have bigger concerns, and indeed bigger otters to find out about. So as soon as Olivia’s tail had disappeared along the swimlane, I hotpawed it right back to the QUATT lab.

Debbie immediately let me through the door, whereby I was greeted once more by the large droopy whiskered fellow himself. This time he went with a much more conventional “Hello there” which was vastly preferable I can tell you!

Lontra Bigodegigantes

We chatted for a good while, and it turns out that this large unexpected visitor was non other than the very same sorrowful chap that Peter and Zsofia encountered on their adventure in the rainforest. His name, he tells me is Almirante Lontra Bigodegigantes and he is the leader of the Rainforest River Raft in Brazil.

We were just getting into a marvellous conversation about soup when Brian Russetcoat scurried over and launched into an incomprehensible explanation of why this conversation shouldn’t continue, something about causal rifts and collapse of space time, and I think I heard him mention the consternation of the catering department! I can’t imagine how a discussion about soup could cause rifts in space time, but I don’t want to annoy the catering department that’s for certain!

Lontra seemed to be in agreement about placating the chefs, I have met a kindred spirit there I think!

He also explained that the less I knew about the reason for his visit the better… apparently it is the nature of my reactions that could cause the time space reality rifting that Brian was referring to. He said it was imperative that I kept reacting in my own unique way and to change nothing.

I have no idea what he was talking about. He was almost as baffling as Brian, more concise and with a better appreciation of snacks, but thoroughly confounding I can tell you!

With a nod to Brian and Debbie and a ponderous wave of his giant paw, he hopped back into the QUATT and with very little splashing around he swam his way back to where ever it was he came from. Brazil presumably, in the future if I am not very much mistaken.

It was all very puzzling, I decided to head back to my office and mull the whole thing over with the aid of some minnow sandwiches and a good splash of whisky!

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