Getting to the bottom of things

Hello there, I have just returned to my office, and things are going to get very interesting around here shortly, I can tell you!

After that dratted meeting, I hurried as fast as my paws could carry me back to the QUATT, I only stopped twice along the way, once to write the account and once to pick up some of the fantastic sardine nibbles that the catering department has been making recently! I arrived in the Temporal Experimentation Department and proffered the tray of snacks in front of me as a sort of shield-come-peace offering in an attempt to make a very fierce looking Debbie Shorttail let me through the door.

Now I think about it, I could have tried ordering her to let me in, I am in charge around here, but she was looking extremely cross and I didn’t want biting! The peace offering route was definitely the best option!

As it happens, the QUATT team were very keen to let me through the door when I arrived. I think they were just glad of the snacks, although they claim it was more than that! Once I entered, I immediately saw signs of splashing and general commotion from the direction of the time tank!

After a quick snack, Debbie resumed her station near the door and continued to look extremely fierce!

I made my way sharpish to the side of the time tank to see if I could get some sense out of the small huddle of otters that seemed to consist of Brian Russetcoat, Penny Paddlepaws, Zsofia Smoothcoat and Peter Paddlefoot. They were whispering in a very rushed and conspiratorial sort of way I can tell you.

“Can one of you chaps please tell me what is going on” I demanded, only to be met with a chorus of shhhing and admonishments not to be so loud. Me? loud? I was about to get indignant about the whole thing when a large sad looking face with fine set of droopy whiskers peered over the top of the time tank and said:

“Well met Commander Longwhiskers, it is excellent to see you again for the first time”

That quite stopped me in my tracks, not a normal greeting that one…

That and this chap should be in Brasil, and, according to those rapscallions in the security meeting, is possibly a harbinger of doom, or the apocalypse of some such thing!

I had had just about enough of all this, I demanded that someone tell me what is going on quick smart or I’d have someones whiskers for braces make no mistake about it!

After some false starts, clamouring to be the first to speak and a little bit of poetic description from Brian, I managed to get the story relatively straight.

Early this morning, round about the time I was summoned to that preposterous meeting, there was a sudden and unexpected whirring and sloshing sound, which apparently sounded just like the noise of the QUATT when one of the expeditions is inbound.

Evidently it sounded like this because that is just what it was.

Although there was no inbound expedition. Or there was almost certainly no inbound expedition, things get a bit sketchy when is comes to returning time travelers, I am told.

The whole Temporal team went rushing to see what was going on, there were fears that a Temporal Exploration Team was about to arrive, despite them all being in the Holt already, this would have created havoc, absolute havoc. I am glad that wasn’t the case, I don’t want a repeat of that fiasco with those hamsters I can tell you!

Just after they all arrived this large droopy whiskered chap sploshed into existence in the middle of the tank. He seemed to be in possession of a temporal return device and popped himself out of the tank as if he had owned the place.

It was at this point that Debbie Shorttail decided to bar the door and the arguments with the security teams began. They seemed to be under the impression that there were some nefarious goings on and that the temporal team might be harbouring an Otter of the Apocalypse, or possibly being held hostage by one. This doesn’t seem likely to me. The chap seems perfectly amiable, not apocalyptic at all I say! Although I would still like to know who he is and why he sploshed into the Holt causing such a commotion.

Just as were were starting to get some proper answers, I heard Olivia Sharpclaws and a security contingent hurrying down the swimlane. I needed to head them off at the pass, I exited the QUATT Lab in short order and declared it free from any apocalypses. I demanded that Olivia let me join the search and positively insisted that we check the kitchens, after all apocalypses can make a chap quite hungry, I can tell you.

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