The secret breakfast meeting

Good day chaps! Splendid to see you again, this fine morning!

I find myself in quite simply a marvellous mood this morning, simply marvellous I tell you! I am not normally a morning otter, but I have finally made it to the bottom of the reports that have been piling up and the wonderful catering staff provided  Lucy Littlepaws and I with a splendid breakfast spread for our secret strategy meeting this morning. There were little shripmy snacks and sardine souffles there were even minnows in fancy pastry, a sort of minnow croissant if you will. I can’t tell you how good it all was! I think we should be having secret strategy meetings more often if this is the result!

Right then, enough snack talk, lets get down to business. The temporal team have been running some extremely successful forays into the future, intelligence gathering and the like all according to the extremely detailed plan that Brian Russetcoat and Peter Paddlepaws formulated. We have piles of information about the future administrative set up at the Holt. It would seem I do indeed remain in charge, but we are seeing increasing numbers of directives and general communiques from the OIA. We really must find out more about those chaps, I can’t shake the feeling that they are a little sinister. After all we have all heard the stories when we were kittens, tales of the sinister organisation who secretly rule the Otterverse, according to legend they have a paw in all areas of otter life. Not seen much of them myself mind you, not until…er…sometime in the future anyway.

Where was I? Oh yes, the time travel expedition reports. There have been a great many which go into scrupulous detail about  the minutiae of day to day administrative particulars and observations of the state of the swimlanes and such like. I strongly suspect that these expeditions were lead by Peter Paddlefoot. The reports certainly made for extremely dry reading I can tell you! Vital stuff of course, but not gripping.

Once I had got through all of that lot, I was beginning to think that time travel was going to be considerably more tedious than I had thought as a young otter! Just when I was considering going to find a fortifying perch cobbler and a glass of Donald’s finest whisky, I came across a splendid report written by Zofia Smoothcoat. It was full of a good deal of dashing about and tumultuous doings!  I will show you an excerpt:

Quick! Turn around! I squeaked at Peter as I dashed past him grabbing his paw! I had seen a whole group of Exploration Club kittens from the School For Gifted Otters heading down the corridor lead by my future self. I decided flight was better than possible annihilation. Although as this is a future me, I assume I already know this happened and am heading down  this particular corridor for the very purposes of scaring myself off…

I’ll have to make a note to do that…

Anyway back to the action…

We hurtled down bank corridor G, Peter scrabbling to keep all of his notes from flying about and leaving evidence of our presence.  As we rounded the corner we slowed to a scurry and tried to compose ourselves. As we were deciding on our next port of call, well I say deciding, Peter was consiluting his colour coded plan, anyway while we were doing that, who should appear out of  door 77D but Lucy Littlepaws! She was deep in conversation with Donald Fastpaws, one of the Scottish fellows, distiller I think, and an Otter I have never seen before, sporting a rather fine floppy looking hat!

Peter and I, as there was no time to hide and running off may have aroused suspicion, started to study one of his plans and wave our paws in an animated manner. As it was Lucy’s party passed by with out giving us a second glance. I managed to catch a few words of their conversation:

Lucy: “this will be wonderful, it is going to be simply the best! I can’t wait to try it!”
Duncan: “The first test batch should be ready any day now”
Unidentified Otter: “Now Now, ye can’t rush these things…”

By this point they were getting out of earshot and Peter was getting genuinely quite animated about something or other but I heard the words, “botanicals”, “specific blend” and “lime”

I must say I was mighty intrigued by this point, and decided it was imperative that I found out what was behind Door 77D. I dashed over and tried the handle, annoyingly it wouldn’t budge! Instead I peered through the window and spied some rather impressive looking large copper vessels and a table containing what could only be described as a label mock up… I photographed it as best I could! 


You see, it’s absolutely first rate! All that dashing about and near discovery, it is exactly the type of report I like to read, really gripping stuff! It gave me a marvellous idea too, the prophecy says we all get gin and tonic I believe, so it’s about time we had a ready supply!

This is what my secret breakfast meeting with Lucy was all about. I thought it was prudent to get her involved in this new venture. Brian Russetcoat made some extremely valid points about cause and effect I am told, something to do with influencers and causal domains and not getting carried away.

He is right, of course, it is vital that we tread carefully. So I am making Lucy Littlepaws Chief Gin Liaison Officer with immediate effect! It turns out she is quite the connoisseur you see. She knows all about botanicals and the best accompaniments, lime apparently…

We must get going on this immediately! Absolutely no shilly shallying… We will get on it just as soon as I have had my mid morning snack!


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